Gaius Julius Caesar

Caesar normal


Name Gaius Julius Caesar
Kanji ガイウス・ユリウス・カエサル
Rōmaji Gaiusu Yuriusu Kaesaru
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Professional Information
Affiliation Sinners
Forest of the Greats
Incarnation Gaius Julius Caesar
Talent The Heroes Testament


Manga Chapter 10
Voice Actors
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Caesar (カエサル, Kaesaru) is a returner transmigrated from an unnamed man. He is one of the founding members of Sinners. His talent, The Heroes Testament , grants him the ability to summon any and all kinds of weapons. Caesar is also of the few Sinners who is a reincarnation of a Great.


One of Sinners Five Generals. He was the last to join, but he was said to be the strongest returner.

He was affiliated with the Forest of the Greats, but he actually had a long friendship with Kouu and was sent by the Sinners as a spy in order to investigate the truth of the Forest of the Greats.

He was interested in "the petals themselves", and he conducted his own sort of experiments and investigations into them.

He fell when he fought his last battle against a rampaging Haito, but it seems like he reached an answer of sorts about the "Petals".


From an objective point of view, he seems like a carefree womanizer who neglects nothing in the care of his scalp. He can also be charmed by any and all sorts of women. He doesn't care about age, race, or outward appearance.


Caesar awoke his tactical genius and military prowess, and his hairline receded. He can summon his armor when he prepares for battle.

Caesar talent
  • The Hero's Testament: Caesar's second talent. Caesar had a talent for always being prepared. He can summon any existing weapons and use them to the highest proficiency. Caesar himself didn't like using firearms, but he can summon and utilize them. Even if the weapons were never completed, as long as the plans or blueprints existed, he can summon and use them.
  • Pygmalion: Caesar's first talent. If he raises a red banner, he can command up to 1000 people (as long as they are allies). As long as the soldiers under his command are capable of displaying their potential at their utmost proficiency and Caesar retains the right to lead, not even a step would fall out of line. The reason he didn't use that talent during their battle with the Forest of the Greats was because the Sinners objective, to the very end, was for them to be defeated.