Reincarnation no Kaben
The Forest of Greats an organization of righteous owners who expel their evil counterparts for the cause of World Peace. The forest of greats was created not because it gathered returners with great abilities but because its members have accomplished great things in their past life.


The idea of creating the group was due to Kouu's idea that Seiya should put his abilities/their abilities to good use. As everyone agreed after knowing that is what Seiya wanted, they all started gathering returners with Great abilities not knowing that behind that, Kouu himself was gathering Sinners.


Forest of the Greats
Reincarnation Human Name Talent Status
John von Neumann Unknown Prediction Calculation Alive
Nightingale Unknown Angel of Healing Alive
Albert Einstein Unknown Space Transfer Deceased †
Picasso Unknown Unknown Alive
Kouu Unknown Omnireceptacle Deceased †
Leonardo da Vinci Senji Seiya Universal Vessel Deceased †
Isaac Newton Unknown Fruit of Gravity Alive
Hiroshi Funasaka Unknown Immortal Soldier Deceased †
Hans Driesch Unknown Replicator Deceased †
Ishikawa Goemon Senji Touya A Thief's Left & Right Arm Alive
Miyamoto Musashi Haito Le Buffett Ibitsu Niten Reihou Alive
Bobby Fischer Unknown The Play's Almighty Deceased †
Wright Brothers Unknown Human Flight Deceased †
Jean-Henri Fabre Unknown Observer Deceased †
Schrodinger Unknown The Cat Chooser Deceased †
Simo Häyhä Unknown White Death Deceased †
Gaius Julius Caesar Unknown The Heroes Testament Defected
Charles Darwin Unknown Theory of Evolution Deceased †
Yagyuu Juubei Unknown The Extreme's of an Inch Defected