Haito Le Buffett
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair Gray
Professional Information
Occupation Student
Affiliation Forest of the Greats
Incarnation Miyamoto Musashi Genshin
Talent Ibitsu Niten Reihou
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actors
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Haito le Buffet is a returner and the incarnation of Miyamoto Musashi Genshin (宮本武蔵). She is a classmate of Senji Touya. Her talent is called 'Ibitsu Niten Reihou (歪二天礼法).

Personality Edit

Just like Senji Seiya, she thinks herself did not have any talent before becoming returner. At first, she seems to be a lazy person with high talent but actually she is a hard worker person without talent. After receiving his incarnation's talent, she still chases her dream and work hard to reopen her step-father's dojo. She is childish, but always care about her comrades.


Haito as a child was abandoned by her parents. Before she was thrown out by the orphanage she lived, she was constantly being bullied because of her looks (gray eyes and gray hair) until a man appeared and adopted her, teaching her swordsman ship in order for her to be strong. Haito's adopted father is from a lineage of Kendo masters and is the instructor of the neighborhood dojo to which she started training with him. To pay his kindness, she started training but she learned that she has no talent for the sword so she took the help of the branch of reincarnation and received the ability of Miyamoto Musashi. However, on the day she tried to swordplay with her adopted father, Haito injured him to the point of him unable to wield a sword. As a punishment, she was ex-communicated from the dojo. Haito then left empty handed and never went back as she now currently lives on the Kendo Club room. Haito's goal is to be a perfect returner and reopen her adopted father's dojo.

Plot Edit

Albert Hamilton Fish Arc Edit


Haito gained the talent of Miyamoto Musashi called 'Ibitsu Niten Reihou (歪二天礼法)'.

  • Yonshiki Kabane
  • Yokusano Kabane
  • Aparashita.Ainuki
  • 10 Hued-Corpse
  • Hundred-Hued Corpse
  • Thousand-Hued Corpse
  • Nirvana.Single Blade of Pure Steel
  • Ittou Entetsu

Adaptation Edit

Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵, c. 1584 – June 13, 1645), also known as Shinmen Takezō, Miyamoto Bennosuke or, by his Buddhist name, Niten Dōraku, was an expert Japanese swordsman and rōnin. Musashi, as he was often simply known, became renowned through stories of his excellent and unique double bladed swordsmanship and undefeated record in his 60 duels (next to "only" 33 of Itō Ittōsai). He was the founder of the Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū or Niten-ryū style of swordsmanship and in his final years authored The Book of Five Rings (五輪の書 Go Rin no Sho?), a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today.[1]

Reference Edit

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