James Hickok
James Hickok
Kanji ジェームズ・ヒコック
Rōmaji Jēmuzu Hikokku
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Professional Information
Affiliation Sinners
Incarnation James Hickok
Talent The Cards of the Dead
Manga Chapter 11
Voice Actors
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James Hickok (ジェームズ・ヒコック, Jēmuzu Hikokku) is a member of Sinners and has the talent The Cards of the Dead.


James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok also, "J.B. Hickok", for his signature name was a folk character of the American Old West, known for his variety of skills. His talent The Cards of the Dead was taken from the fact that when he died, he supposedly held the cards black aces and eights.[1]


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