Kanji ノイマン
Rōmaji Noiman
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair White
Eye Red
Professional Information
Affiliation Forest of the Greats
Incarnation John von Neumann
Talent Prediction Calculation
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actors
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Neumann (ノイマン) was reincarnated from an unnamed girl and is current the leader of the Greats. Her power is Prediction Calculation (予測演算) that is used to guide the other members of the Great and collects information of the enemies.


Neumann is usually emotionless and calculative on her actions and words. She is also blunt on her tone to others and is using predictability scoring when guiding the other returners. She is shown to be interested on how Touya can follow her orders well.


Neumann was adopted from Hungarian-American, John von Neumann popular for contributions on many fields such as major contributions to a number of fields, physics, economics, computing, statistics and especially on mathematics of which her power was related to.[1]


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