Kanji ノストラダムス
Rōmaji Nosutoradamusu
Status Deceased
Gender Unknown
Professional Information
Affiliation Sinners
Incarnation Michel de Nostredame
Talent The Great Prophecy
Manga Chapter 7
Voice Actors
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Nostradamus (ノストラダムス, Nosutoradamusu) is an onlooker who acts as the counselor of the Sinners. His talent The Great Prophecy allows him to give accurate predictions.


When Nostradamus saw how he would live and how he would die in his Tome of Prophecy, he came into contact with Kouu in order to change his future.

He tried to bring victory to the Sinners, but Kouu paid him no heed and instead rejoiced at the promise of defeat. After that, inspired by Kouu's personality and the ideology of the Sinners, he decided to fight to death alongside them.

In order to leave several hints to Kitazuka and the others and to ensure they didn't get caught up in the battle between the Sinners and the Forest of the Greats, he let himself be captured.

He was also quite distinguishable for busily running about to ensure that his prophecy of "Total Destruction of the Sinners" was not wrong.

Just like Caesar, he fell before a rampaging Haito during his last battle.


Nostradamus is a mysterious returner whose speech pattern of an old man leaves quite and impression. He didn't use his Tome of Prophecy in daily life for much beyond confirming weather predictions.

Incidentally, his prophecies have a 70% chance of being accurate. His comrades often tease him when his prophecies are unexpectedly wrong.


A sense of inquiry towards future events grows.

Nos talent
  • The Great Prophecy: There is a high possibility that the words that appear in the Tome of Prophecy will come true. By writing in it, Nostradamus can change the future. However, because of that, there are detailed limitations, and he cannot write things just as he pleases.