Reincarnation no Kaben
Volume 4
Written by Konishi Mikihisa
Published by Mag Garden}}
Demographic Shōnen}}
Genres Action}}
Imprint MCB}})
Magazine Monthly Comic Blade}}
Original run May 30, 2014 – present
Volumes Ongoing
Chapters Ongoing


Striving for talent, Senji Touya tries everything he can so he can find it. Kendou, dancing, swimming, basketball, soccer, chess,... anything he tries, he fails to exceed it. One day, his classmate, Haito, came to school for once in a long time. Senji refers her as someone who "has it" or someone who has talent. Later on, he found out that she isn't just someone who has talent, but someone who "took" the talent of herself in her past life. And, those who "took" the talent from their past lives, are also known as "Returners"…

Main CharactersEdit