Senji Touya
Kanji 扇寺 東耶
Rōmaji Senji Touya
Status Alive
Gender Male
Hair Black
Professional Information
Occupation Student
Affiliation Forest of the Greats
Incarnation Ishikawa Goemon
Talent Right Arm of Thievery
Left Arm of Usage
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actors
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Senji Touya (扇寺 東耶) is a high school student who has an excellent academic record, but with an inferiority complex over a lack of talent. He got his hand on the knife enables a person to bring back his talent from his past life.


Touya was the younger brother of Senji Seiya and his life revolves around his older brother since he was a child having been always following the latter where ever he goes. Touya however, being pushed off by his brother was unintentionally hurt and in return grew up hating Seiya. After his brother died, Touya forced himself to take on many different tasks which he fails and was continuously being compared toward his perfect brother.


Touya was first introduced as a student who is working hard noticeable with the eye-bags hanging on his eyes and his strong motivation to surpass his brother who is a genius at everything.


Arms of Thievery
Touya's talent the Right Arm of Thievery and Left Arm of Usage was acquired after he sliced his throat the day after he met the Forest of the Greats. His powers are currently unknown to the group except for Haito Le Buffett and Hiroshi Funasaka.
  • Right Arm of Thievery: Seiya's right hand pass through every objects and steal whatever is inside or on the other side of that object.He can steal pretty much anything he could steal contents of a purse while stealing some of the robber's blood,he can steal even immaterial things like talents.
  • Left Arm of Usage: With his left hand Seiya can use talents that he stole. However Kouu notes that the stolen talents are inferior to those of the original ones.Though he also said that if Seiya properly trains those talents he could potentially surpass the original ones.