Sinners is an organization of returners who gained the abilities of former villains. Their initial goal was to be a part of the Forest of the Greats but because Seiya announced how the sinners are meant to be eradicated, they separated themselves and treated as villains due to their talents.


Kouu created the group at the same time the Forest of the Greats was created. Their goal was to relieve the sinners of their impulse as their abilities that they gained fully controls their former selves and to get along with the other returners. The members Kouu has gathered are sinners that have launched massacres over political and religious reasons as well as ones that caused wars and famine and even ones that established dictatorships which all fall under the negative talents.


Forest of the Greats
Reincarnation Human Name Talent Status
Kouu Unknown Omnireceptacle Deceased †
Charlotte Corday Unknown Angel of Assassination Deceased †
Gaius Julius Caesar Unknown The Heroes Testament Deceased †
Nostradamus Unknown The Great Prophecy Deceased †
Hitler Unknown Master Mind Deceased †
Pol Pot Unknown Fruit of Corruption Deceased †
Albert Fish Unknown Eating People Deceased †
Ed Gein Unknown Bodily Dismemberment Deceased †
Vlad III Unknown Lord Impaler Deceased †
Jahangir Unknown Elephant Foot Deceased †
Okada Izo Unknown Slayer Deceased †
James Hickok Unknown The Cards of the Dead Deceased †
Albert Desalvo Unknown Strangler Deceased †
Carlos Hathcock Unknown White Feather Deceased †
Hans Ulrich Rudel Unknown Phoenix Deceased †